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Main dimensions




r:1.5 mm
r1:0.60 mm
Ca:46.0 kN
Coa:43.0 kN
Limit speed of steel ball(Grease lubrication):8300 r/min
Ceramic ball limit rotational speed(Grease lubrication):12500 r/min
Steel Ball:1.220 kg
Ceramic Ball:1.113 kg

Products parameters

H70 with sealed ultra-high Speed series

Features: Both ends are equipped with non-contact sealing ring, can simplify the seal design of the host, convenient for the user to install high water-resistant grease.

A, including H70 series, H72 series
b, contact angle c:15°,ac:25°
C, Cage: outer ring Guide phenolic resin cage (unmarked)
D, rolling body: Steel ball (no mark), Ceramic ball (HQ1)
E, as the internal and external rings are single gear edge, increasing the internal space of bearings, is conducive to the storage of more lubricants, improve the lubrication performance of bearings, prolong the service life of bearings.
* Use ceramic ball to obtain higher speed, higher life
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