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Main dimensions




r:0.6 mm
r1:0.15 mm
Ca:13.0 kN
Coa:10.1 kN
Limit speed of steel ball(Oil lubrication):20000 r/min
Ceramic ball limit rotational speed(Oil lubrication):36000 r/min
Steel Ball:0.139 kg
Ceramic Ball:0.116 kg

Products parameters

B719 with sealed ultra-high Speed series

Features: Mainly used in the internal circle (inner surface) grinding electric spindle high speed high-precision bearings, in order to meet the requirements of electric spindle, bearing internal parameters for a special optimization design.

A, B719 series, contact angle 15°
B, Cage: outer ring Guide phenolic resin cage (unmarked)
C, spherical material: steel ball (no mark), Ceramic ball (HQ1)
D, High-precision series only supply P4 level, P2 class
E, high speed, ultra-high speed, suitable for constant pressure preload
F, both ends face contact type seal RING (2RZ).
* Use ceramic ball to obtain higher speed, higher life

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