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Main dimensions




r:0.6 mm
Ca:12.0 kN
Coa:22.6 kN
Limit speed of steel ball(Grease lubrication):8700 r/min
Quality:0.070 kg
Products parameters

Lead Screw Seal Series

Features: 60° large contact angle, and the number of steel balls increased, further improve the bearing axial rigidity, on the basis of the 76 series on both sides increased contact with the seal ring, further improve the bearing on the machine tool sealing effect, can effectively reduce the risk of entering impurities, prolong the bearing service life.

a, including 7602, 7603 series, TAC series
b, contact angle 60°
c, Cage: ball-guided polyamide resin cage (TN1)
d, both ends face contact type seal RING (2RS)

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